ORUMA is a non-profit, non-political, secular and cultural community organization of the people from Kerala, the southern state of India. Tucked away at the southern tip of the sub-continent, and lapped by the Arabian Sea, Kerala is something of an oasis of calm when compared to the heat and hustle of the rest of India. One of the smallest states in the country, it feels quieter, calmer and generally more relaxed than the loud and lively tourist-attracting areas of the north. Perhaps this is because Kerala is largely rural, great swathes of its land being taken up by marshy backwaters, tea plantations, rice paddies and lofty mountains.

ORUMA is an independent association of Malayalees living in Los Angeles area. ORUMA started out with about 25 member families in 2008 and has continued to grow since then, in Strength and in Unity. Every year ORUMA conducts social, cultural, educational and athletic events. Through these events, ORUMA aims to uphold our moral, traditional, literary and artistic heritage, offers occasions for members to socialize and network and presents a platform for members to demonstrate and share their talents.


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Office Bearers
  • President : Roy Mathew | 714-235-1214 | royreni6@gmail.com
  • Vice president : Santhosh Karunakaran | 310-661-0898 | santhu4490@gmail.com
  • Secretary : Siju Abraham | 714-833-1572 | sijuavkk2gmail.com
  • Joint secretary : Sony Bastian | 949-439-8062 | sonybastian@gmail.com
  • Treasurer : Johnson Joseph | 310-986-9672 | johnsonjosephv@yahoo.com
  • Joint treasurer : Varghese PV | 714-329-5064 | vargheseshiji@yahoo.com
  • Auditor: Shelly Jose
Executive Committee
  • Simon Neelankavil (562-528-6070)
  • Robin Mathews (510-921-7823)
  • Sreelal Purushothaman (773-326-5312)
  • Sajo Jacob (714-472-0183)
  • Paul Issac (Thampi) (714-683-3039)
  • George Yohannan (714-244-7383)
  • Suresh Damodaran (714-231-2401)
  • Betty Abraham (714-272-2630)
  • Jain Sony (714-552-3807)
  • Manjula Venugopal (714-381-1317)
  • Biju P George (409-779-5184)


ORUMA California, PO Box 3955, Anaheim, CA 92803

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